Paint Your dreams in the boldest colors

The Wishlet is carefully crafted by artisans who share our beliefs in human equality and our passion for unique and powerful jewelry. As it is our desire to have the Wishlet endowed with nothing but good energy; from its inception to its arrival on your wrist.

The Wishlet was founded in 2012. The idea behind the Wishlet was strong from the beginning – to design and create a bracelet, attach a positive intention and match it with the right color and mood. But we felt it wasn´t complete.

Knowing this – we took the next step. That was to take the positive intention in to real action to donate a share of the proceeds to charity.

Choose Your intention

Select color and intention to see your bracelet.

Keep Your eyes on the stars and Your feet on the ground
Mind over matter if it don't mind it don't matter
Don't dream Your life live Your dreams
Love the light for showing the way yet endure the darkness for it shows the stars
Rather regret things done than the things You never did
Paint Your dreams in the boldest colors
Live well laugh often love much
Everything is recyclable except for life
Nothing is impossible even the word says I'm possible
Live the life You love love the life You live
It's not what You look at that matters it's what You see
Dancing is crazy for the ones who can't hear the music
Let Your smile change the world
Be happy it's one way of being wise
Happiness is not what You have but what You are
Winning is completing something You've never done before
Stand up for what is right even if You're standing alone